Your Dad Left, Hurry Up & Get HARD!!, Scene #01

Kai Jaxon’s dad just left the house and his stepmom Danielle Renae runs into the bathroom while he’s showering to tell him the good news. But Kai can’t hear her over the running water and misconstrues just about everything his stepmom says. Frustrated, Danielle blurts out to her stepson that he should get hard and […]

Rio Eats Benvi’s Cake for Breakfast, Scene #01

What a night out Benvi and Rio 9rande had and the night took them both back to Benvi’s place. Come morning time Benvi slips out of bed trying to surprise Rio with making him breakfast but barely gets started before Rio comes out from the bedroom wearing Benvi’s robe and silently grabs Benvi’s ass to […]