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First Dibs Leads To A Helping Hand, Scene #01

Dibs! A pretty common way amongst stepsiblings to call front seats, best views or even prime beds or bedrooms. Haley Spades is just too fast for her stepbrother Jimmy Michaels on their family vacation and calls dibs on the nice bed – leaving Jimmy a nasty old couch or crappy bunk. Jimmy at least gets […]

Your Dad Left, Hurry Up & Get HARD!!, Scene #01

Kai Jaxon’s dad just left the house and his stepmom Danielle Renae runs into the bathroom while he’s showering to tell him the good news. But Kai can’t hear her over the running water and misconstrues just about everything his stepmom says. Frustrated, Danielle blurts out to her stepson that he should get hard and […]

I Wasn’t Expecting You To Fuck This Good, Scene #01

Cassidy Luxe is a cool step-aunt or she likes to think so anyway. She talks trash to her step-nephew Ethan Seeks and they even compare tattoos. Things get a little awkward when she lifts her dress to show Ethan some ink and he sees her panties. She doesn’t seem shy about it and even tells […]

Mother’s Day Special Massage, Scene #01

It’s Mother’s Day and Andi Avalon’s husband is treating her right! He’s got this hot MILF some nice gifts but has another surprise in store for her. He tells her to put on a bathrobe so he can reveal a little more to her. He takes her to their bed where her gifts are waiting. […]

Fuck College, Check Out My New Tits!!, Scene #01

Juan’s stepsister Blair is back from college and she’s excited to show off her new assets! She presses her stepbrother and asks him if he notices anything different, but Juan plays oblivious so Blair flashes her perfect new boobs at her stepbrother! Juan is overcome with shock and splashes his water out all over her […]

Just Say It… You Want to Fuck Your Stepsister!?!?

Hearing your stepsister get piped ain’t it. Parker has had just about enough of Kelsey’s moaning & groaning and tells her so one day. Kelsey thinks her stepbrother is jealous! She presses him and Parker reluctantly admits that he is a tad jealous and wants to fuck his stepsister and with that, Kelsey orders him […]