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Seth Stark & Marco Lorenzo, Scene #01

Seth Stark and Marco Lorenzo are in their shorts grabbing each other’s asses and kissing with passion. Within seconds, Marco takes Seth’s cock into his mouth and bobs up and down it with love. As much as Seth loves his cock sucked, she flips Marco on his back to stroke & enjoys his Latin cock. […]

Heath Halo & Max Romano

Heath Halo and Max Romano are two bearded beauties who are eager to fuck at Chaos Men. It takes under a minute for Heath Halo to start sucking down Max Romano’s hard cock. The sucking goes on for minutes until Max Romano starts deep-throating the hell out of Heath Halo’s hard cock, and Heath loves […]

Gio Carrera & Valentin Petrov, Scene #01

Gio Carrera and Valentin Petrov are both shirtless and in jeans, kissing at Chaos Men. Their passion is instant, with Valentin dropping to his knees to start sucking Gio’s hard cock. The cocksucking continues for minutes, but Valentin wants to taste and rim Gio’s hot ass. The licking and deep pleasuring continue as Gio moans […]

Brody Fox & Grayden Hall, Scene #01

Brody Fox and Grayden Hall come to Chaos Men looking to fuck, suck, and get wild today in bed. Grayden Hall takes the initiative and starts sucking away Brody’s Fox’s hard cock. Grayden’s bearded face goes to town on Brody’s dick and sucks every possible inch of it with pleasure. Grayden Hall gets on top […]