Love, Set, Match, Scene #01

Brittney Kade arrives at a private tennis court, dressed in a super cute tennis outfit. She unzips her bag and pulls out a racket, using it to stretch and get ready for a match.

Despite how much she looks the part, it’s clear that Brittney doesn’t actually know what she’s doing. She tries to hit the ball a few times before Lauren Phillips arrives and catches her off guard. Lauren is also dressed in a cute tennis outfit and seems extremely confident as she approaches her date. The two women met online and have agreed to play tennis as a first blind date activity. They embrace and it becomes clear that despite Lauren’s confidence, she is also somewhat dubious about the activity ahead!

The two women attempt to impress each other while playing their game from either side of the net. As they play, it becomes obvious how much they are into each other… and that neither of them are very good at tennis.

Finally, it’s Lauren who blunders and has to admit that her suggestion may have not been the best idea since they’re both clearly out of their element. The two women laugh, sharing a very real moment, before the tension overflows and Brittney suggests they go inside and get better acquainted as their true selves instead…

STARTS: Lauren Phillips, Brittney Kade

SOURCE FROM: transfixed

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