Pretty Dirty Girls – Alex De La Flor & Aria Lee

Alex De La Flor is helping her friend Aria Lee to put on makeup. Alex asks what kind of occasion the makeup is for, and Aria says she’s going out on a date with a guy. Alex asks Aria if she’s kissed the guy yet, and Aria admits that she’s never kissed ANYONE yet, because she’s afraid of messing up. Alex offers to give her some kissing practice, and Aria happily accepts.

As they start kissing, Alex is impressed, saying that Aria isn’t bad at all. Alex then suggestively comments that if Aria’s never kissed before, does that mean she also hasn’t done the stuff that comes AFTER kissing? Aria admits that she hasn’t, and Alex says that’s a shame, because Aria is so pretty. She offers to give Aria practice with that as well, so they undress and touch each other’s breasts, eat out each other’s pussies, and have fun with tribbing. It soon becomes clear that Aria has realized she’d rather date Alex!

STARTS: Aria Lee, Alex De La Flor

SOURCE FROM: devilsfilm

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