Soaking, Scene #01

Clara and Brighten (Cadence Lux and Hazel Moore), two members of a conservative rural family, are having dinner with their parents at their family home. As they sit through grace, Brighten kicks Clara under the table, whispering that she needs to speak with her privately once their parents leave for errands later. Clara quietly agrees though she’s perplexed as to what Brighten could need so urgently.

Later that day, Brighten knocks on Clara’s door, who invites her inside. With their parents gone for a few hours, Brighten feels comfortable talking to Clara about what’s on her mind- though she makes her promise she won’t tell anyone about what she’s about to share. Clara agrees, though is shocked when Brighten invites Elijah (Seth Gamble), her boyfriend, inside.

Brighten explains that although she and Elijah are committed to each other and plan to wed after college, they are having trouble staying chaste until then. Elijah expresses how, despite his faith, he’s caught himself having filthy thoughts and even watching adult films online. Clara is appalled… she has no idea what to say. Brighten mentions, however, that they believe they have found an adequate solution to their predicament: SOAKING.

An apparent loophole within their faith, soaking involves a man inserting his penis in a woman’s vagina and not moving it. It’s a way that other couples their age have gotten around breaking their vow of pre-marital abstinence. The only thing is that there needs to be a third party present to physically move the other two so that they can achieve sexual gratification. To Clara’s shock, Brighten and Elijah want HER to move them during intercourse.

Clara is hesitant, asking Brighten if this is what she REALLY wants. Brighten admits that Clara is the only person she truly trusts, and it would mean the world to her if she helped them out with this one thing. Clara finally agrees, and assists Elijah and Brighten through their first sexual encounter, hoping to God she won’t be forsaken for what she has agreed to.

STARTS: Cadence Lux, Hazel Moore, Seth Gamble

SOURCE FROM: puretaboo

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