Sugar Or Step?

Sky Pierce is relaxing in the living room with her sugar mama, Ana Foxxx. They exchange sultry kisses and clasp their hands together, expressing just how much they love being with each other. Ana never thought she’d date someone as young as Sky, who’s only nineteen. Though after all these weeks of frolic and amazing sex, Ana admits that she’s hooked on her sexy sugar baby. Ana and Sky start making out but grow weary when Sky’s stepmom Jessica Ryan arrives home from work.

When Jessica spots Ana and Sky canoodling on the couch, she becomes annoyed- Ana’s been over to see Sky so much that Jessica should be charging her rent. Jessica politely asks Ana to leave since Sky has chores to do. Sky pouts- does she REALLY have to do them? Jessica won’t budge, so Ana gets an idea. Why doesn’t Sky just come to live with her? As her sugar mama, Ana will make sure that Sky’s every single need is taken care of. She’ll even get the richest, most delicious foods for her to eat so that Sky feels like a true princess. Jessica doesn’t like that at all- how DARE Ana think she can take care of Sky better than her very own stepmom? Sky is a needy girl and only Jessica knows how to TRULY satisfy her every whim.

Before long, Ana and Jessica are locked in a literal tug-of-war, with Sky in the middle. They yank Sky from side to side, each wanting to have her all to themselves. Eventually, Sky has had enough. She stops the tug-of-war and explains that although she likes them both, this competition is unhealthy. She needs to choose one of them to have her full attention, but which? She then gets an idea: what if they had a threesome? That was she could compare in real-time how each of them satisfies her and she’ll be able to make an informed decision. Ana and Jessica agree, and they have playful sex with Sky all over the couch. Only one of them can win Sky’s heart… so will it be sugar or step?

STARTS: Ana Foxxx, Jessica Ryan, Sky Pierce

SOURCE FROM: mommysgirl

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