Wedding-Day Confession

Wedding-Day Confession, Scene #01

Gracie Jane looks radiant as she gets ready for her wedding to Andre Stone. Her best friend King Noire, who is her 'man of honor' (fulfilling the same role as a 'maid of honor' ), then enters the room and compliments Gracie's beauty. King seems oddly nervous and jittery, even though he's not the one getting married. Gracie is curious and concerned as she asks what's going on. King says he has a confession... he thinks Gracie is making a mistake. Gracie is shocked and a little offended, asking what he means by that.

King takes a deep breath and admits that he's developed feelings for Gracie, so he's hoping she'll change her mind about marrying Andre. Gracie is shocked and conflicted as the weight of his confession hits her, admitting that if she had known this earlier maybe things would be different. She admits that she's always been drawn to King but that she never said anything because she wasn't sure that King would be open to being with a trans woman -- plus she didn't want to risk their friendship. But now that she's about to marry Andre, King's timing couldn't be worse!

King sees his chance and insists that the timing is PERFECT. Gracie isn't married yet, so here's their chance to see if there could be something more between them. Gracie is conflicted, not wanting to be some kind of cruel experiment, but King insists that he cares deeply for Gracie and would NEVER hurt her like that. King begs Gracie to reconsider the marriage -- maybe if she saw just how serious King is about her, then she'd change her mind. Frustrated, Gracie challenges King, asking HOW he's supposed to PROVE that he's serious about all this? King boldly kisses her. Caught up in the passion and heat of the moment, Gracie returns the kiss.
TS AMANDA RILEY & Tattooed Muscle Stud

TS AMANDA RILEY & Tattooed Muscle Stud

Pretty, auburn-haired TS Amanda Riley wears a mini-jacket, bikini top and denim skirt. She exchanges playful banter with Hall-Of-Fame director Joey Silvera as she strips down to her fishnets. Amanda masturbates to full erection. Heavily tattooed muscle man Uncut James joins her on the bed to suck her cock. Amanda peels her stockinged legs back for James to rim her bunghole. She clutches their pricks to stroke them together. Amanda gives him a deepthroat blowjob. James rails Amanda with a fevered anal pounding! He indulges his foot fetish, nibbling her toes while thrusting intensely in her butthole. James' meat stretches Amanda's rectum till it gapes! She laps his balls as he jacks to ejaculation. James leaves her soaked with a cum facial. He worships her feet some more as she massages her hard-on to orgasm. James eats the messy semen from her body, and the scene concludes with passionate kissing.
Ballerina’s Bulge

Ballerina’s Bulge, Scene #01

Michael Del Ray is watching TV when his roommate, Domino Presley, comes back from ballet rehearsal. She throws her ballerina shoes onto the floor and sits on the couch, exhausted. The show's director pushed her really hard today, but hey- if she wanted something easy, Domino wouldn't have become a ballerina.

Michael certainly feels for her and is consistently impressed with how dedicated she is to her craft. He wonders if there's anything he can do for her to help her wind down after such an intense day. Domino admits that her feet are feeling mighty sore after all that dancing... could Michael maybe give her a foot massage, perhaps? Michael is happy to help, so Domino eases her tired feet onto Michael's lap, and he gets to work.

But as Michael massages Domino's soles, sparks begin to fly between these two roommates. Michael's always found her beautiful, but he's never dared make a move for fear of ruining their living arrangement. But when he spots Domino's bulge pressing against the fabric of her underwear, Michael's eyes say it all. He's transfixed... and curious. Domino knows what he's thinking, and can't help but feel intrigued herself. Who's to say they can't have a little frisky fun together?
Masseuse’s Growing Curiosity

Masseuse’s Growing Curiosity, Scene #01

A loving husband and wife, Jay Tee and Brittney Kade, arrive for a romantic couple's massage. When they do, their masseuse, Adira Allure, warmly greets them, inviting them to get undressed and make themselves comfortable. Once Jay and Brittney both lie down, Adira breaks out the massage oil and begins.

Adira sensually runs her hands all over their naked bodies as Jay and Brittney enjoy the intimacy. But the intimacy eventually leads to BOTH of them getting hard! Although they're a little embarrassed, Adira assures them that they don't need to be. In fact, if they'd like, Adira would be MORE than delighted to give them BOTH a happy ending.