‘Fuckin’ Around In The Waiting Room, Scene #01

Getting stuck in a waiting room while your stepmom is getting tests at the doctor is about as exciting as it sounds. Ethan Seeks and his stepsister Carolina Sweets are totally bored as they mope around waiting for their stepmom’s tests to be done. Ethan starts bugging his stepsister to pass the time – he […]

Thank You Stepdaddy!! I Feel Like I Owe You…, Scene #01

Sun’s out, buns out, right!? Wrong. Kelsey Kane is grounded and she isn’t allowed to go anywhere. But big fuckin’ deal, sneaking out is how she got grounded in the first place. Round two! Kelsey is almost home-free when her stepdad Filthy Rich catches her and sends her directly to her room. Kelsey is clearly […]

Wifey Gives Our Real Estate Agent a Bonus, Scene #01

Selling your home is an ordeal. When Gigi Dior and her husband finally sell their place, it’s cause to celebrate! Her husband has a surprise in store for her. Their real estate agent Sheem The Dream did an excellent job finding buyers and Gigi couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. So her husband recruited […]

Forget ”Stepaunt” Call Me Melissa & Fuck Me!, Scene #01

Sharing space isn’t always the easiest. Compromises need to be made. And neither Ethan Seeks or his visiting step-aunt Melissa Stratton are the sharing type. They are immersed in their own phone conversations and talking over each other so nobody can hear! They confront one another and Melissa tells Ethan that she feels he doesn’t […]

Seeing Is Believing, Scene #01

Clean up after your stroke session, boys. Otherwise you may find yourself in the situation Johnny Love did with his stepmother, Justine Jakobs. She stumbled on a pile of dirty tissue by Johnny’s bed AND saw dick pics on his phone. She even sent them to herself, impressed with her stepson’s cock. Justine confides this […]

Stepdaughter Been Caught Stealing!, Scene #01

Kallie Taylor needs money for books for college. She needs it for new clothes. She needs it to go out with her friends. There are umpteen reasons Kallie needs cash. The best place to get it? Her stepdad Peter Fitzwell. If he’s not feeling generous that day? Kallie will just steal it from him. That […]

Fucked Up Bunny Proposition, Scene #01

When Jimmy Michaels walks into his stepmom Dirty Danii’s room, he’s not sure what to expect. She lures him in and tells him that as stepmom and stepson, they should be able to rely on each other. And Danii REALLY needs Jimmy’s help. The guy she hired to dress up as the Easter bunny for […]