Trans DPs? Yes, Please! – Liv Revamped, Cherry Mavrik & Jenna Creed

Liv Revamped looks stunning in lingerie, so why is she all alone? It turns out that she came to a swingers party with a friend, and then the friend immediately hooked up with someone, leaving Liv all by herself. As Liv wanders down the hallway wondering what to do, she spots two other party guests – Jenna Creed and Cherry Mavrik – having a steamy makeout session.

Turned on by the sight, Liv starts to touch herself as she continues watching Jenna and Cherry kissing and caressing each other. Jenna and Cherry then notice her, and invite Liv to come closer. Liv apologizes, saying she didn’t want to bother them, but they assure her she’s welcome to watch them… or even join in.

When Liv sees Jenna and Cherry’s beautiful cocks, she knows that she definitely wants to join in, because she wants both of those cocks in her at once! Liv eagerly gives Jenna and Cherry blowjobs and handjobs, getting them nice and warmed up so they can DP her. Best party ever!

STARTS: Liv Revamped, Jenna Creed, Cherry Mavrik

SOURCE FROM: devilsfilm

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