Wanna Fuck My Stepdaughter Gotta Fuck Me First #23 – Jennifer White, Mickey Violet & Ace Hardz

Mickey Violet arrives home with Ace Hardz, a guy she met last night. They immediately start making out, but then Ace pauses a moment to ask Mickey if they should go upstairs. Mickey explains that her stepmom, Jennifer White, is resting upstairs, so it’s better for them to stay down here. Ace and Mickey go back to kissing, and Ace playfully smacks Mickey’s ass. However, Jennifer comes down the stairs and catches them in the act.

Jennifer confronts Ace, but Mickey tells Jennifer not to be a prude. Jennifer points out that Mickey recently went through a rough breakup, so she just doesn’t want to see Mickey get her heart broken again. Ace says that’s sweet, telling Mickey it’s clear that her stepmom really cares about her. This flatters Jennifer, so she tells Ace that he seems like a nice guy and she’d be willing to let him fuck Mickey… if he fucks HER first. Mickey is shocked, but Ace agrees to Jennifer’s proposal, taking his dick out of his pants so Jennifer can admire the size of it.

After stroking and sucking on Ace’s cock for a bit, Jennifer seems pleased, and invites Mickey to join in. Jennifer and Mickey take turns sucking on Ace’s cock and balls, and then Jennifer rides him cowgirl style while Mickey plays with Ace’s balls. Then it’s Mickey’s turn to bounce on Ace’s dick, while Jennifer sits on his face. As the fun continues, it’s clear that Ace definitely has the approval of both ladies in this family!

STARTS: Jennifer White, Mickey Violet, Ace Hardz

SOURCE FROM: devilsfilm

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