Amiee Cambridge and Cory Chase BBC Worship, Scene #01

Are you ready to have some fun today?! The two MILFs, Cory Chase and Amiee Cambridge, are sitting in front of you, completely naked! They hear a knock at the door and they let the man in. A man with a big black cock walks into the room and he stands in between the two MILF’s. Cory laughs at the fact that you thought she’d ever pick your scrawny cock over this cock! ‘If you’re wondering what a real cock would feel like or look like, this is it in front of you…’ Amiee tells you. Cory makes you say the words ‘I want to cum for this big black cock! I am cumming for this big black dick!’ Afterwards, you explode while staring at the two MILF’s and their big tits with a big black cock in between…

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