Boffing The Babysitter #28 – Sera Ryder & Jimmy Michaels

Jimmy Michaels has just finished giving his new babysitter, Sera Ryder, the tour of his house. Things have been going swimmingly, and he has full confidence that Sera will do a fine job looking after his progeny. It just so happens that Sera’s involvement comes at an opportune time, since Jimmy and his wife are working on adding ANOTHER offspring to the litter, so they’ll need all the help they can get!

Sera is fascinated by Jimmy. How can such a young man bear his wife so many descendants? His seed must be stronger than most… Jimmy chuckles and admits that although he hasn’t had any trouble conceiving, the doctor has told him to take it easy on his wife and not put TOO MUCH sperm inside of her. They’ve already had twins and triplets, so he needs to lessen the sperm count by jerking off from time to time.

This gives Sera an out-of-the-box idea… What if she helps Jimmy release some of his excess sperm? They can masturbate side-by-side, and even do some other things which are sure to help Jimmy get his necessary release. Jimmy hesitates a moment, but simply can’t resist the idea. Besides, his wife’s not home, and as long as she doesn’t find out that he’s boffing the babysitter, then what’s the harm?

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