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Why Deprive Yourself, Scene #01

Brad (Jay Smooth) and his roommate Mandy (Nicole Kitt) are watching a movie together when a softcore sex scene appears on screen. Mandy becomes suddenly uncomfortable, causing Brad to become concerned for her. Mandy reveals that she’s a recovering porn addict, and even something as innocent as a sex scene in a movie could trigger […]

The Pampering She Deserves, Scene #01

Nicole Kitt arrives home late, due to a recent promotion at work. She finds a series of romantic gifts from her girlfriend, Olive Glass, in various rooms around their home, to congratulate her on the promotion. The final gift is that their bedroom has been decorated to look like a spa, complete with a massage […]

Squeeze Me In, Scene #01

Taylor Gunner arrives for a massage and is greeted by Mikaela Star. Taylor is extremely grateful that Mikaela was able to squeeze her in for an appointment since she’s been so stressed lately. It’s just that she works with a bunch of IMBECILES. Luckily for Taylor, Mikaela is down to sensually massage all that stress […]