Her First Trans Attraction, Scene #01

Brittney Kade and Kenzie Taylor are two models meeting for the first time, doing a photo shoot to create stock photos. As the photographer, Yaya Gingersnatch, sets things up, Kenzie sounds quite jaded about posing for stock photos – she’s done SO many of these before. But Brittney says that she’s eager to do the shoot, since it’s not every day that a trans woman is chosen to pose for day-to-day scenarios like these.

As the two of them pose for various scenes, however, sparks begin to ignite between them, along with some enlightening conversations that show Kenzie a whole other side of the industry that she never thought about before. Thanks to Brittney’s enthusiasm and beginner’s mindset, Kenzie starts to let go of her preconceived notions and enjoy herself more. She starts to change… and see Brittney in a completely new light.

When the photo shoot pauses for a lunch break, Brittney and Kenzie are alone in the studio. Kenzie admits that she’s learned a lot from this experience with Brittney. With the rest of the crew gone, they decide to have sensual sex, capping off Kenzie’s first trans attraction with something she’ll never forget.

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