Making A Living Out Of DP’s, Scene #01

When two dudes, Chocolate God and Slim Poke fresh out of the pen have been raking it in their parole officer decides to check up on them. Just a month ago these two had been living in a guest house at Slim Poke’s mama’s house. Now they are living large in the suburbs with all the toys that go with it. The parole officer Charlie Forde of course believes the two men are up to no good. Turns out these two big dicked mother fuckers are off slinging dick on the web and have gone viral doing bitches. What the fuck does dp mean?! exclaims the curious parole officer. Why that’s a double penetration – one in the pink and one in the stink. Duel cock injections at the same time. Of course Charlie does not believe such a feat of love is possible and demands to be shown how it is done. And just like that Charlie the parole officer has two veined and swollen chocolate love commanders dropping right in front of her face. Damn right she’s going to gobble that sweet trouser snake meat down her gobbling googly drooling saliva maker. Ramming those cocks down her throat has her little pussy literally quivering in anticipation of the beasts that will soon be drilling her hole. One after another those massive cocked entrepreneurs are fucking her cunt and soon are opening up her backdoor spokewheel to paradise. Now it’s time to show the parole officer the move that is making these two the talk of the internet – the double penetration love bomb. Like pistons of love their huge dicks go chug a chug in her pussy and asshole at the same time. The stretched out tweenie is sending vibrations up her spine. The parole officer is cumming and shaking like she’s stuck on an electric fence. It’s heaven on earth. It is the ultimate gift two men can give a woman. The elusive and always satisfying double penetration orgasm. Soon she has her face blasted in man juice and she is sent on her way. You can bet your bottom dollar this parole officer is looking forward to her next drop in check up and these two parolees.

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