Once A Masseuse

Once A Masseuse, Always A Masseuse, Scene #01

Laney Grey tells her girlfriend, Octavia Red, to keep her eyes closed for a surprise. Laney then hands Octavia some towels, and tells her she can look now. Octavia opens her eyes, and is baffled that the 'surprise' appears to be a couple of towels that they already own... but then she notices that Laney is wearing a sexier version of a masseuse uniform.

Laney explains that she noticed how hard Octavia has been working lately, and since Laney used to be a masseuse, she decided to offer Octavia a nice massage. Even though Laney doesn't do massages professionally anymore, she's sure she can still get all of the tension out of Octavia's body.

Octavia is touched by the sweet gesture, and Laney helps to undress Octavia so she won't get massage oil all over her clothes. Laney then gives Octavia a sensual massage, helping to ease all of Octavia's stress, and then they worship each other's beautiful bodies by making love.
My Favorite Stress Reliever

My Favorite Stress Reliever, Scene #01

Ana Foxxx is happy today since she gets to massage one of her absolute favorite clients, Eliza Ibarra. As Ana rubs some oil into Eliza's beautiful calves, she asks Eliza how things are going. The last time she was at the parlor, she was in a new relationship... Is that still going well? It turns out, however, that Eliza and her partner have recently broken up, which is why Eliza wanted to get massaged today. She's been feeling a lot of stress because of it and wants to find a way to release all her pent-up anxiety and tension.

As fate would have it, however, Ana isn't exactly satisfied with HER current relationship... They've been dating for as long as Eliza's been Ana's client, and nothing's really changed or evolved for them. Conversely, Ana and Eliza have grown to understand each other so much more... Ana can't help but wonder if maybe Eliza is the perfect woman for her instead. And now that they're alone in this massage room together, this might be the perfect opportunity to put their chemistry to the test... with sizzling, sensual sex.
She’s Got My Back

She’s Got My Back, Scene #01

Two friends, Serene Siren and Lexi Luna, are having fun hanging out when Lexi suddenly winces. Lexi explains that she has a knot in her shoulder that hurts if she moves too fast. Serene offers to help by massaging her shoulder, and Lexi gratefully accepts.

As Serene massages Lexi's sore shoulder, Lexi says that Serene's touch feels SO good. Lexi then says that the pain is actually in BOTH of her shoulders. Serene is happy to help, so she starts massaging both of Lexi's shoulders. Lexi then claims that the pain has moved further down her back, so Serene starts massaging down Lexi's back, until Serene reaches Lexi's hips. They agree that massaging Lexi this much would be easier on a bed, so they get up and go to Lexi's bedroom.

Lexi strips down before getting onto the bed, which catches Serene by surprise, but Lexi points out it's not really a big deal, since they've been friends for so long. Serene admits that's a good point, and starts giving Lexi a more thorough massage using some oil that Lexi conveniently had in her room. Serene massages Lexi's naked body all over, including her breasts, and they both become increasingly aroused. Lexi then kisses Serene, who by this point is open to the idea of taking things further...
License To Thrill

License To Thrill, Scene #01

Madison Morgan needs to get her hours in this slow week and is excited when her friend, Lilly Bell, answers the call. When Lilly arrives for a massage and strips down in front of her, Madison unexpectedly becomes a bit flustered, especially since Lilly insists she doesn't need to be covered by a towel. But when Lilly lies face-down on the massage table, Madison focuses on the task at hand.

Madison sensually massages Lilly all over, the heat gradually building between them as sparks fly. Although Madison tries to remain professional, when Lilly rolls over onto her back, her breasts and pussy fully exposed, Madison starts to lose her composure. Luckily, that's exactly what Lilly wants as she sexily convinces her flustered masseuse friend to give her a happy ending.
The Pampering She Deserves

The Pampering She Deserves, Scene #01

Nicole Kitt arrives home late, due to a recent promotion at work. She finds a series of romantic gifts from her girlfriend, Olive Glass, in various rooms around their home, to congratulate her on the promotion. The final gift is that their bedroom has been decorated to look like a spa, complete with a massage table. However, because Nicole came home late, Olive is already snoring on the bed!

Nicole is deeply moved by Olive's efforts, and decides to give her a massage after rousing her. When Olive points out that SHE is supposed to be the one giving the massage, Nicole insists that now it's HER turn to do something romantic. Olive is happy enough to accept, which leads to a very intimate massage and sweet lovemaking.