Anna Claire Clouds Fucks a Sexy Traveler

It looks like it’s going to be another quiet day for suburban housewife Anna Claire Clouds but things take a sharp turn when a stranger drives onto her property. Now that in itself is not so shocking as oftentimes drivers get lost on these roads in her GPS deprived neighborhood. Seeing how our wayward traveler is one sexy ass motherfucker Anna offers to bring him inside so she can write down directions for him. Doesn’t want to see the poor guy lost. In fact Anna also feels this man should not leave without a blowjob. Who wants to drive around with a heavy nut bag? Not one to turn down a free lunch our hero Chocolate God offers up his namesake rod for our very generous slutty house wife to chow down on. Anna’s pussy seeing her mouth get all that luscious cock roast sandwich is of course drooling juice and demanding to be fed too. This pussy is hungry and needing cock. Time to feed the kitty. It’s game on as Chocolate guides his bombastic cervix banger into Anna’s dripping wet dick grabbing jizz extractor. Humping and a fucking they go at it like it’s the last slut meets stranger encounter on earth. Damn this bitch can fuck. Where the fuck did Chocolate end up at. Power blasting her punani, Anna finds herself riding through orgasm galaxy with a pole of man meat up to her belly. Soon our traveler unloads his testicles all over Anna’s beaming face. Now that is indeed what many would call quite neighborly.

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