Seth Stark & Marco Lorenzo, Scene #01

Seth Stark and Marco Lorenzo are in their shorts grabbing each other’s asses and kissing with passion. Within seconds, Marco takes Seth’s cock into his mouth and bobs up and down it with love. As much as Seth loves his cock sucked, she flips Marco on his back to stroke & enjoys his Latin cock. […]

Gunnar Gates

Gunnar Gates joins Chaos Men today. Gunnar Gates is 28, 6′ Tall, and a beefy 230lbs. Gunnar works out 5-days a week & has been ripped over the past few years. Gunnar is a versatile guy but loves getting his ass bottomed as much as possible. Gunnar loves his hole played with plenty of lube […]

Brody Fox & Joseph Hart

Brody Fox and Joseph Hart throw down their lust ASAP on the red bed. Joseph Hart strips down Brody Fox and immediately starts sucking his thick cock. After some intense sucking, Brody Fox flips Joseph on the bed to savor his thickening cock down his throat. Joseph lays back getting blown but needs his ass […]

Gunnar Gates & Marco Lorenzo

Gunnar Gates and Marco Lorenzo are bearded bears going at it deep in bed at Chaos Men today. Gunnar is about pleasing and devouring Marco’s thick cock down his throat. Marco wants a taste of Gunnar’s cock, too and swallows it down whole. Marco, eager to fuck, rims Gunnar’s hole and preps it for his […]

Ray Boogie

Ray Boogie joins Chaos Men in his debut scene with us. Ray Boogie is 28, 5’7′, and 165 pounds, with sexy tatted arms, and incredibly sexy. Ray Boogie lives an open sexual lifestyle but is more attracted to men with no favorites. Ray loves a submissive male when bottoming or dominant while topping another guy. […]

Ray Boogie & Amone Bane

Ray Boogie and Amone Bane in their white robes start kissing & it quickly leads to the bed naked. Ray Boogie drops to his knees to service Amone Bane’s cock and loves getting face-fucked by him. Amone then takes Ray on his back and sucks his hard dick with plenty of saliva dripping over his […]

Brock Lee Reynolds & Max Romano

Brock Lee Reynolds and Max Romano are wearing jeans in bed but making out like crazy as the chemistry starts hot between them. Max strips naked and sucks Brock’s growing hard cock. Brock lays back, enjoying the blowjob and deep-throating, but eagerly wants to enjoy Max’s hard cock as well in his mouth. After some […]

Ray Boogie & Archie Paige

Archie Paige and Ray Boogie have their lips locked on each other in the bedroom quickly at Chaos Men. After some quick groping, Ray Boogie dives down to suck Archie Paige’s thick dick and deep-throats him to the base of his cock. It’s been a while since Archie’s had it sucked that good, so he […]

Brock Banks

Brock Banks is 35, 5’5′, and 165 and is very fit for today at Chaos Men. His beautiful tattoos and bearded body make him attractive on the red bed today. Brock is a versatile gay man and loves giving and receiving dicks in any hole. He loves a sexy big butt and a nice-looking dick […]

Ryan Russo & Aiden Taylor

Ryan Russo and Aiden Taylor join Chaos Men, and these two hairy-chested men are in it for great sex today. After some foreplay in their shorts, Ryan Russo undresses Aiden Taylor for some deep-throat sucking and stroking. Aiden loves it but would rather suck Ryan’s cock and enjoy his very hairy body too. Aiden loves […]

Rylan Foxx

Rylan Foxx joins Chaos Men in his debut. He is 30, 5’11’, 176lb, and is a dedicated gym-rat with visits 4-5 times a week. Rylan is a gay male who loves bigger bears and muscle jocks. He is very single and loves his body hair on his chest. Rylan’s ideal date consists of a well-dressed […]

Brock Banks & Ant Vega

Brock Banks and Ant Vega are at Chaos Men and immediately grab at each other and kiss deeply. Brock Banks goes quickly to Ant Vega’s hard cock and starts sucking it with passion. After deep sucking, Brock Banks thrusts his hard cock inside Ant Vega’s mouth and makes him enjoy it to the base. They […]