Housewife’s Handy Helper, Scene #01

Ember Fiera is on the phone chatting with her husband, who is away on a business trip. Ember tells her husband that she misses him but that she’s fine, especially now that the home renovations they’ve been planning for AGES are finally underway. She thanks her husband for recommending SUCH a good handyman, Tony Sting, saying that he’s doing GREAT work in their home right now. However, Tony isn’t actually working on any type of home repairs at the moment… Instead, he’s sucking on Ember’s cock!

The brazen encounter clearly turns Ember on as she continues chatting to her clueless husband while Tony silently pleasures her. She throws in cheeky innuendos throughout, thrilled to be playing with fire even if she almost gets burned once or twice. But finally, she lets her chatty and oblivious husband go so that she can focus her complete attention on her VERY handy handyman.

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