Fair Trade, Scene #01

Who doesn’t love a good deal? JC Wilds absolutely NEEDS to go to an upcoming festival but can’t get a ride there. She asks her stepbrother Paker Ambrose, but he is not willing to drive 3 hours for his stepsister! That is – until she shows him her tits. He knows he’s got her where […]

Welcoming Our New Roomie In Our Playroom, Scene #01

You have to be selective when you’re looking for a new roomie. Tony knows this, so he vets the potentials before inviting them over. And he’s got one for his horny wife River. This guy Joey is jacked and River is totally into his look. So what now? Invite him over for a showing! Joey […]

Show Me What You Got, Scene #01

Catching your step sibling stealing from your parents puts you in an interesting position. You can fuck with them in all kinds of ways. Literally! When Chloe Surreal catches her dufus stepbrother Damon Dice stealing from their dad’s office, she knows she has options. Damon offers to do her homework, her chores and even bribes […]

3 Special Gifts For My Valentine, Scene #01

Valentine’s Day is coming up and Mandy’s husband has a real surprise for her. He gets the space beautifully decked out in a Valentine’s theme and gets his buddy Jay to hide in the bathroom before Mandy gets home. When Mandy comes home, her husband points her to the lingerie he has laid out for […]

First Dibs Leads To A Helping Hand, Scene #01

Dibs! A pretty common way amongst stepsiblings to call front seats, best views or even prime beds or bedrooms. Haley Spades is just too fast for her stepbrother Jimmy Michaels on their family vacation and calls dibs on the nice bed – leaving Jimmy a nasty old couch or crappy bunk. Jimmy at least gets […]

Stepdaughter Been Caught Stealing!, Scene #01

Kallie Taylor needs money for books for college. She needs it for new clothes. She needs it to go out with her friends. There are umpteen reasons Kallie needs cash. The best place to get it? Her stepdad Peter Fitzwell. If he’s not feeling generous that day? Kallie will just steal it from him. That […]