Nicole Rae in Step Daughter has a Secret (Part 4)

Step Mom Wants To Watch-

‘Where is everybody?!’ I wonder. I (Luke Longly) walk around the house and I finally approach the closet door. I open it up and I see my wife kissing my step-daughter! Cory Chase confronts me about making my step-daughter send me nude photos. ‘Do you want me to leave the two of you alone?’ I ask them. ‘No! We want you to stay… and I want to watch you two…’ Cory giggles. We walk out of the closet and over to the bedroom. ‘Now show me what you’ve been doing to our step-daughter!’ Cory exclaims. Nicole Rae starts to give me a blowjob and Cory stands behind us, just watching. She wants to join in so she starts to suck my cock with Nicole. Cory couldn’t help but join, so she hops on top of my cock and she rides my cock in the cowgirl position. Cory rides my cock with her pussy and her ass, since she is my original house slut! Nicole climbs on top of my cock next and I love watching her big, natural tits bounce up and down as she rides my cock. Nicole rides my cock with her pussy and her ass, back and forth in no particular order! Cory rides my cock in the reverse cowgirl position next, while our step-daughter sucks on her nipples. Nicole rides my cock in the reverse cowgirl position with her ass hole next, while Cory watches her bounce up and down on my cock. Cory licks my cock clean, before she and Nicole sit down next to each other on the bed. They both pull their legs behind their heads, so their pussies and ass holes are available to me. I fuck their tight holes back and forth, in no particular order, and I am loving every second of this! They both flip over into the doggystyle position and I continue to fuck their holes. When I am ready to cum, I explode all over my step-daughter’s face! Then I tell her to kiss her step-mother, so she can share some of my cum!

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