Alexis James in Are you Man Enough to fuck our asses JOI, Scene #01

‘Are you ready for the two of us?’ Cory asks you. The two MILF’s, Cory Chase and Alexis James, are sitting in front of you, on their bed. ‘We want to know if you’re man enough to fuck our asses!’ Cory exclaims. The MILF’s start to ask you if you’ve ever fucked a woman in the ass before, and you tell them that you haven’t. The MILF’s want to tease you and see if you can hold yourself back and not cum until they tell you to. Alexis and Cory both move into the doggystyle position on the bed. They are both wearing skirts with no panties underneath, so you are just staring at their bare asses and pussies. They instruct you to slowly jerk your cock, but to make sure you don’t cum just yet! They sit back down on their behinds, and they pull their tits out from under their tops. They both throw their tops off to the side, and then they move back into the doggystyle position. They both get completely naked and then they lie down on the bed and spank their own asses. ‘Keep stroking your cock to these heavenly holes!’ Cory tells you. They both move back into the doggystyle position and they shake their asses in your face, as you start to stroke your cock a little faster now. They start counting down from 10, and they tell you that once they reach 1, you will finally be allowed to cum all over their asses! ‘Such a good boy!’ they gasp, once you’re done.

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