Mi Casa Es Su Casa, Scene #01

Marcus and Claire (Alex Jones and Melody Marks) are a down-on-their-luck couple, having hit a string of bad luck recently which has left them without a place to live. Luckily, their ex-college professor, Frank (Ken Feels), has agreed to let them stay with him at his home. Marcus and Claire feel embarrassed to have to […]

Breaking The Ice, Scene #01

A trans figure skater, Angellica Good, is disappointed in herself after a recent loss during a competition. Not only is she upset about her underperformance, but she’s worried that she’s let people down as a trans role model. What will all the trans girls who look up to her think about her now??Her girlfriend, Mimi […]

Water Under The Bridge, Scene #01

Charlotte Sins, a masseuse, is getting the massage room ready when her next client, Brad Sterling, walks in. When they spot each other, however, they are totally surprised… as if they know each other. As it turns out, Brad is Charlotte’s ex-husband. They’ve been divorced for a few years now, and Brad had no idea […]

Stop Fucking All Our Stepmoms!, Scene #01

Demi Hawks is hanging out with her stepmom, Serene Siren, and talking about how a friend of hers, Chloe Surreal, is coming over soon. It’s revealed that Chloe is apparently the victim of nasty rumors at school that claim she’s been having sex with people’s parents! But Demi is convinced Chloe wouldn’t do that and […]

A Tempting Peek, Scene #01

Dana Vespoli’s stepdaughter, Chloe Surreal, returns home from college and has blossomed into a beautiful young woman, which sparks unexpected lust in Dana.Dana is torn as she finds herself watching Chloe while she curls up in bed, her lust only growing. After wrestling with herself and her forbidden feelings, Chloe finally stirs and catches Dana, […]

Swimsuit Shenanigans, Scene #01

A teen, Kimmy Kimm, and her stepmom, Reagan Foxx, are going on a family vacation to the Bahamas. With that in mind, Reagan is trying on her swimsuit while Kimmy waits impatiently to see her in it. But when Reagan steps out in a modest one-piece swimsuit, Kimmy does NOT approve. How CAN she when […]