Amiee Cambridge and Cory Chase in Bottoms Off JOI, Scene #01

Your step-moms Cory Chase and Amiee Cambridge are sitting next to each other on the beige couch. ‘We’re going to encourage you to jerk off!’ they giggle. They’re both wearing crop top shirts, and Cory is wearing a white skirt while Amiee has jean shorts on. Cory lifts her skirt up, revealing a bare pussy without panties! They tell you that you’re allowed to start jerking off now… slowly! Cory and Amiee pull their shorts and skirts off, revealing their bottoms to you! Now that their bottoms are off, they spread their legs in front of you. You imagine what your hard cock would feel like thrusting deep inside of their pussies. ‘I’m getting wet thinking about you fucking me!’ Cory moans, as she lightly fingers her pussy. They both pick their legs up into the air, so you can see their pussy and ass as they both play with themselves in front of you. Your balls are getting tight, begging to cum… but you’re not allowed to yet! They count down from 10, and when they reach 1, you will finally be allowed to cum for these MILF’s! When you hear them say ‘one’ all three of you cum at the same time… and these MILF’s aren’t disappointed with your load at all! ‘I’m impressed!’ they giggle.

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