Macy Meadows in Step Family Vacation Parts 1-2, Scene #01

Do You Like My Bush Step Dad-

My step-mom, Cory Chase, is wearing a green dress as she walks besides me down the long hotel hallway. My step-dad, Luke Longly, is also walking beside us. We finally arrive at the bedroom and my step-mom shows me around the hotel room! The first thing I (Macy Meadows) notice is that there is only one bed! My step-mom tells me that I can close my eyes on the pull-out couch, but I would prefer the real bed. My step-mom Cory wants to take me down to the hotel gym with her, so Cory changes into a hot pink gym outfit. I tell my step-mom that I am too lazy to go to the gym, so I’d prefer if she’d go alone. ‘Don’t bother your step-dad! He’s working in the other room!’ Cory tells me before she leaves for the gym. Once she’s gone, I ignore my step-mom’s wishes and I knock on my step-dad’s door. I hop on top of the table and I ask him ‘Do you like my bush? Or should I shave it?’ I spread my legs in front of him, since I am wearing a skirt with no panties. He likes my bush, and I can see his cock growing hard in his pants. He pulls his cock out and starts to fuck my pussy, while staring at my bush! He fucks my pussy in the missionary position for a few minutes, until I flip over into the doggystyle position. I switch back into the missionary position, and he accidentally cums inside of my pussy… ‘Don’t tell your step-mom about this!’ he exclaims.

Do You Like My Bikini Step Dad-

I walk out into the living room of the hotel suite and I show my step-dad my new, white bikini. ‘Where is your step-mom?’ Luke asks me. ‘She’s taking forever to change into her bikini!’ I exclaim. I sit down on the floor and I rub my head on my step-dad’s crotch. I pull his dick out and I start to give him a blowjob. When his cock is nice and hard, I pull my bikini bottoms down and I sit on his dick in the reverse cowgirl position. I bounce up and down on his cock, until we hear a noise… We are concerned that my step-mom is going to walk in on us, so I hop off of his cock and I sit down next to him. A few moments later, my step-mom walks into the room showing off her red bikini, and she asks if we are all ready to go down to the pool. My step-dad tells us that he’s going to stay back and work in the hotel room. My step-mom and I start to walk towards the pool, but I have a better idea, so I lie to my step-mom and I pretend that I forgot my phone in the room. I run back to the hotel room so I can secretly fuck my step-dad some more! He fucks me in the missionary position at first, and then I climb on top of the coffee table in the doggystyle position. ‘Please cum inside of me, step-dad!’ I beg. He cums deep inside of my pussy, just like I asked him to! Then he tells me to go freshen up and to go join my step-mom down by the pool, before she gets suspicious…

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